My boyfriend is writing an Invitation for me to visit him in Australia – is this ok? If so what should the invitation say?

If you are a Thai, Filipina/Pinay or any other nationality and you have an Australian boyfriend, the time may come when you both decide that it is time for you to visit him in Australia. If this is the case you will need to apply for and obtain a visa to enter the country. Assuming that you fit the criteria, you can apply for a Tourist visa and your boyfriend can act as someone who effectively sponsors or supports your visit. Australian Tourist visas are multi-purpose and you can use them to enter Australia for the purposes of travel or sightseeing, to visit family, partners or friends, and even to study for a short period of time.

You maybe able to show that you can meet all the criteria and standards required to obtain a Tourist visa all by yourself. However, if this is not possible – if there is some aspect of your application where you are lacking – you can ask your Australian boyfriend to provide the relevant assistance.

For example, most Filipinas and Thai ladies would not be likely to be able to meet the financial requirements for even a Tourist visa. The cost of living in Australia is significantly higher than in most parts of Thailand and the Philippines and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) reflects this high cost of living by requiring evidence of funds in the many thousands of dollars. Of course, the amount required will depend on the type of visa being applied for and the expected time in Australia. If this applies to you and you cannot show substantial funds to support your visit you can ask your boyfriend to write an invitation which offers to support your visit financially.

In the invitation your boyfriend would certainly want to address either the financial and/or other aspects of your application that is/are lacking. He can even provide supporting documentation.

Even if you do not have an Australian boyfriend, but have a relative or good friend that resides in Australia, whether they are Australian or not, they may be able to provide you with some sort of offer of assistance should you need it. For example, if you are from the Philippines and your brother or sister moved to Australia a few years ago for work you could ask him or her to extend to you an invitation.

An invitation from someone who is either Australian or is living in Australia does in no way guarantee that you will get your Australian visa. Any invitation or offer of support is weighed against many other important factors. Some of these other considerations are character, health, work and visa history. We always strongly recommend that anyone thinking of applying for an Australian visa first at least obtain some preliminary advice about the visa options. The visa system can be a real mystery and a minefield without the proper assistance.

11 thoughts on “My boyfriend is writing an Invitation for me to visit him in Australia – is this ok? If so what should the invitation say?

  1. I would like to invite my friend in China to come here to visit me. I am an Australian Citizen and willing to take all of the cost travelling to Australia of my friend. what should I do next step?
    look forward.

  2. HI,
    Dear sir,
    if some one send me invitation letter from Australia. And i can travel. Whats process and how can send some one letter from Australia whats requirements for sender
    Thanks and Regard,

  3. hello! i’m just wondering if you know what’s the difference between the visa – tourist stream and the visa – sponsored family stream. I have an Australian boyfriend, which of the two should I apply for? He will support my stay there. I already have the supporting documents from him though I doubt now coz I’m wondering if there should be a sponsorship form to be filled up. He’s in Australia now and I’m here in the Philippines so it’s a bit for us to do it if ever..

  4. i have a australian bf and i want to visit him this dec,i am in hongkong at the moment,can i apply here?i am overseas worker on said:

    Thanks for the this site,helpful

  5. hi, im a filipina married to australian citizen last july this year. what visa am goin to apply and how long is the processing. We have a daughter and she was registered as illegitimate since were not yet married when she was born and using my surname but my husband able to acknowledge her in the birth certificate. what are the documents we need to get a visa?

  6. I want my friend to visit me in Australia for a month. How do I invite him? Just a plain letter of invitation stating that I am inviting him to stay with me for some time and I will readily bear all his expenses ..would that be enough or do I need a sponsorship lform to be filled up.

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  8. I am a resident in Australia I have a boy friend in Algeria who want to come a slice with me In Australia he asked me for a Invitation from me for him Please help me I have never done this before

  9. I have a female friend in the Philippines , I have ask her to come over for 4 weeks , as I will support her with flights and commendation ex, do I need to send my bank statement or just a letter invitation letter ,

  10. Dear Sir,

    Good morning. Id like to inquire about extension on my tourist visa this time sponsored by my Australian boyfriend.
    I’m currently here now in Australia for 5 months now helping my sister and her family in transitioning from Melbourne to Queensland.
    2 months ago when I first met my now Australian boyfriend. He is planning to further extend my tourist visa under his sponsorship when it expire so we can have a life together even for a few months. We r just seeing each other weekly. Do u think it can be approve by DIBP?
    Thank u so much for any advice.

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