Making an Australian Tourist Visa Application from Thailand

If you are Thai and you would like to visit Australia you will need to apply for a Tourist visa. If you are an Australian and you have a Thai girlfriend that you want to invite to Australia to spend time with, you can look to assist her application by providing support. Support can be financial, accommodation, etc.

Many countries, Thailand included, are classified as high risk for Tourist visas. Applicants are required to fill in a paper application and include supporting documentation. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) assesses the Tourist visa application in a global way, looking at many aspects of the “Applicant” and at any potential risk factors. DIAC looks at whether someone is working, studying, can financially support themselves and whether they have a criminal record or a prior medical history. DIAC is very concerned about the genuineness of the application – the intentions of the applicant.

Tourist visas applicable to Thailand are available for periods of 3, 6 and 12 months. Single or multiple entry Tourist visas can be granted. Families cannot be included in 1 application – every person must apply for their own visa and make a separate application – unless the names of more than one person are on a passport.

Applications can be submitted in Bangkok and other selected locations, including Phuket and Chiang Mai. The processing time for an Australian Tourist visa can vary but a figure of around 4-5 business days is common. Applications are assessed on the documents at hand and if the documentation is not correct or lacking in some way the application can be refused.

If an Application is refused DAIC will provide you with reasons for the decision. The decision of the case officer is not reviewable. A fresh application can be made at anytime. However, DIAC does not recommend that you submit a new application unless and until your circumstances have changed and you can meet the legal criteria for the grant of a Tourist visa.

Unfortunately, applicants often do not submit the correct documentation or misread the questions and a high percentage of self-prepared applications are not successful. People are often left feeling frustrated – they have wasted time, effort and money. We recommend that you seek the advice of a skilled migration agent to assess your situation. We always provide a free assessment – what you do after that is up to you. Our team has the skill experience to take the stress and confusion out of applying for an Australian Tourist visa and give your Thai girlfriend, fiancé or wife the best chance of success.

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    I would like information about bringing my Thai Girl Friend from Phuket to Australia for a month in February
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