The Australian spouse visa

It is both a wonderful and lucky thing when two people meet and develop a relationship that flowers into a situation where they become spouses. When they start to plan for a future life together they are often faced with important decisions such as where they will live.

When one person is an Australian and their spouse is a foreign national sometimes they will decide that they want to live in Australia. I guess you can’t blame them! – Australia is a great country with a sunny climate, a very strong economy and many opportunities. However, all foreign nationals require a visa to enter and remain in Australia. It is a common misconception that merely getting married or entering into a de facto relationship with an Australian guarantees that person a right to an Australian spouse visa. Unfortunately it does not.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) looks at many things such as the history of the relationship, the financial capability of the Applicant (the foreign national) and the Sponsor (the Australian), and the character and medical condition of the Applicant. Applying for an Australian spouse visa can be a very complicated and time consuming exercise, and a lot of supporting documentation is required. When children are involved the process is even more demanding.

A very high percentage of self prepared applications are either refused or experience significant delays due to a lack of understanding of Australian migration law and practice and also due to poor preparation.


5 thoughts on “The Australian spouse visa

  1. What preparations can I make as a foreign nationalist married to an Australian citizen to move to and remain in Australia.

  2. I am ranbir singh. I have been done diploma of mechanical engineering. Further my wife haven g.n.m nursing and also her 5.5 band in ilets. So we can apply spouse visa of Australia..

  3. Hi IM a Filipina and I have a boyfriend who is new Zealand citizen living in Brisbane he is going to visit me on February and want me to visit Australia to meet his son and his family..can u pls help what kind of visa do I need. Am I able to work there for a while then back to Philippine and got married pls reply me

  4. How much would it cost me to bring my wife and baby to Australia

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