Australian Partner Visa for a Filipina

If you are an Australian and are married to, or in a de facto relationship with, a woman from the Philippines (a ‘Filipina’) she may be eligible to apply for an Australian Partner visa. Before discussing the requirements I will discuss briefly what a Partner visa is and what it allows one to do.

A Partner visa, if granted will allow the holder to reside in Australia and enter and exit Australia as much as is desired. It is a temporary visa that becomes permanent after a period of time if everything remains the same – i.e.: if the relationship is still going on. That means that your Filipina wife or partner will become a permanent resident of Australia. The Partner visa also allows the holder to work and also gives them access to the Australian health care system: Medicare.

If your Filipina wife or partner has dependent children or other dependents, they can be included in the application for a Partner visa. As I will mention below, there are strict rules as to what defines a dependent.   And obviously, the rules provide that she would need to have the legal right to bring any dependent children out to Australia.

A Partner visa can be applied for in Australia or in the Philippines. The cost of the application and the processing time for the Partner visa application depends upon many factors including such factors as where the application is processed and the current case load of the Embassy or Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) office in question.


Because of the great features of the Partner visa, including the fact that it gives full work rights and leads to permanent residency, the applications are processed very carefully and there are a lot of enquiries made by DIAC. DIAC examines both the Filipina and her Australian husband or partner and looks at finances, character, medical fitness, family, visa history and many other things. DIAC is also very concerned with the nature of the relationship – whether it is a genuine and continuing relationship or whether it is merely a marriage of convenience. There are many rules which define what an accepted relationship might be and this can include the length of the relationship and the amount of contact time.


A considerable amount of supporting documentation is required. If applications are not prepared correctly they can be delayed for months or years or they can simply be refused. I strongly recommend that the first thing you, whether you discuss it with a migration agent or not, is to make sure you have a firm understanding of what is required and whether you Filipina wife or partner qualifies.

Why Should I Engage the Services of a Migration Agent?

As a Migration Agent people sometimes ask me “why should I use a migration agent?” These are usually people that have only just started thinking about obtaining a visa for their Thai or Filipina girlfriends. I say this because people that have already looked into applying for an Australian visa often find the whole area to be a bit of a minefield – quite a daunting process. Some of these people even try to have a go at applying for a visa alone without obtaining any advice beforehand. A very high percentage of these visa applications are refused. People soon then realise why they should engage the services of a skilled and experienced migration agent.

Almost all foreign nationals need a visa to enter Australia and these visas are not just given on arrival at the airport or port in Australia. They must be applied for prior to departure to Australia. For some countries that Australia classifies as low risk the process of those citizens applying for a Tourist visa is fairly simple. However, for the vast majority of countries and for the vast majority of visas, for citizens of any country, the Australian visas application process can be fairly complex and a considerable amount of supporting documentation is required.

Because the visa application process is complicated and because there is often a lot riding on an application (especially with permanent visas) it is advisable to consult a skilled migration agent. This is for the same reason that we consult a doctor or lawyer or accountant or any professional. There is nothing to stop us from having a go ourselves but if we want to be sure about something we approach a professional. A skilled migration can not only advise you about the best visa to suit your needs but also guide you through the process and ensure that you will have the best possible chance of success. In the long run this will save you time, money and effort.

At Australian Visa Advice we offer a free consultation so we can understand your situation and see what if any visa could suit your needs. You are then free to do as you choose. If you then choose to engage our services you can feel confident that you are in safe hands. Many of the visa applications we assist our clients with are substantive visas that lead to full work rights and permanent residence. You want to make sure you get it right the first time.