Australian Immigration

At Australian Visa Advice we can assist you with your Australian Immigration needs. But what does that really mean?

Immigration means: to enter and settle in a country or region to which one is not native.

So our professional assistance is centered in achieving the goals of gaining you the legal permission to arrive and remain in Australia on a permanent basis.

We specialise in relationship immigration, so if you and your Australian fiancé, partner or husband/wife qualify we can provide the advice and assistance that will lead to the preparation, processing and grant of your visa which will eventually lead to permanent residence.

Australia does not discriminate against same sex couples and they can also apply. However, Australia does not yet recognize legal marriage for same sex couples so the only available option is the Partner visa by de facto.

As an example, once the partner of an Australian citizen or permanent resident is granted a Partner visa, they will be allowed to remain in Australia, come and go as they please and have full work rights. They will also have access to Medicare – Australia’s Federal subsidised medical health service. After approximately 2 years, assuming the couple is still together, the visa will become permanent – they will be granted permanent residency.

Australian immigration is not an easy thing to achieve. We are not saying that. It does not happen overnight. It can be a complicated procedure – there are many forms to fill out and a fairly detailed list of supporting documentation is required and is specific to the personal situation of the ‘applicant’ and their ‘sponsor’. There are also both medical and character checks involved.

The visa application fee is also between $2000 – 3000AUD depending on the particular pathway and it is non-refundable. However, we at Australian Visa Advice can guide you through this process and make it as easy, quick and affordable as possible. We have the skilled and experienced professionals to assist you and hundreds of satisfied customers that reflect our good name. Feel free to contact us today.